About Us

My name is Randy DePhillips and I know maintaining a home, preparing to sell a home or making a home safe for the golden years isn’t easy.  That’s why I created PunchList to help you with your home maintenance projects.

I learned my skills from trade craftsmen in the 70’s and 80’s while working for my father in his homebuilding business.  In the mid 80’s I started my dream career in law enforcement and successfully completed over 30 years helping people and upholding the laws of this state and country.  Working evenings for the police department gave me the opportunity to continue my love of construction while working side by side with family.  I retired from law enforcement in 2015 and continued in the security business for a large restaurant franchise in Iowa.  With friends and family encouraging me to put together my handyman skills and passion to help people, I decided to open PunchList.

My goal is to complete your home projects so you don’t have to.  If you are selling your home, the list of to-do’s to get your home ready to sell can feel daunting.  I can eliminate your list of quick fixes that pays off with time back in your day and a home ready for the market.  Do you or an elderly loved one need to make a few minor changes to safely remain in your home? I can install home safety products so you can stay there comfortably for years to come.


What's on your list?

Contact me to day to get your list done.